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soderinworld: ヒグチユウコ Yuko higuchi

So Relatable - Funny GIFs, Relatable GIFs & Quotes


So true. I promised someone that I wouldn't get jealous when she's with her other friends but I never should have. Instead I should've promised not to make her feel bad for it. I can't help it that I feel jealous and sad over things that happen its just who I am. But I can learn to not let those feelings turn to anger that gets pushed out on her.

  • Shanna Piper

    Love this ♡

  • Veronica Sparks

    This is backwards. Jealousy is not WHO you are - you can use reason and stifle it. Your jealousy, whether voiced our not, could have a negative effect on your relationship. Doing what makes you happy isn't always the best thing.

  • Amber Evans

    This is so true! our feeling are what make us human..

Jesse Lee Soffer, my new celebrity crush!

Haha - "Sometimes I drink water to surprise my liver." #funny #alcohol #someecards

OMG this is awesome.

Flynn felt sunshine on his face. He blinked his eyes open. There was a blue sky, crisscrossed with branches overhead. His head throbbed, as he pulled himself up on one elbow.

David Stoupakis, “The Day the Frogs Rain Down”

Tips for eating & exercising when working the night shift. Good to know maybe in the future!

Like Beauty and the beast☺

Funny Workplace Ecard: I am having Monday feelings toward Tuesdays.

A)Blue bloater (chronic bronchitis), cyanosis and right heart failure, due to sleep apnea and progressive chronic pulmonary HTN; B)Pink puffer COPD and severe emphysema, who have a pink complexion and dyspnea; PPs have ↑ residual lung capacity and volume, ↓ elastic recoil, ↓ expiratory flow rate and diffusing capacity

And fentanyl time… And dialudid time… And versed time… And oxycodone time… and propofol time!!!