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sugar skull tattoo | I want this added to my side/thigh piece!

I've been inlove with this tattoo for too long now! But I'd never get a tat that I know someone else has too... it's a shame lol

  • KeDucky

    Well then you will never be able to get a tattoo because someone somewhere will have the same one...

  • Ioana Vancheva

    Not if it's been designed just for me :) It's already happening!

Paisley tattoo..this could very well be the start of a half sleeve for this girl!! :)

Finger tattoo. Maybe not a wolf but cool placement that looks amazing for how small it is

this is the way I want my wing tattoo to be

small tattoo locations | Choosing an area on your body is critical. Different areas are going ...

limitless tattoo wrist infinity symbol bracelets

"Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are, and who you want to be."

Mermaid tattoo idea

This is an amazing piece of work. The lion are so realistic an I love the skyline in the background

raven tattoo...I'm not usually into back tattoos...but this one intrigues

Just size and placement, not too big not too small piece on thigh